Baptist Church Through the Years

The third largest Protestant denomination across the world is the Baptist Church. At the time that the European Reformation started in the 1500s, this is also the time that it started. Anabaptists were the first ancestors of the Baptist Church. Ana- means re-, and for these people, you can only be baptized in the faith if you are old enough and you have chosen baptism as your faith. This is why the Baptist Church was not considered as popular as the other types of Protestant religions during those times. During those times, believers of the faith have been persecuted and some were even killed. Read more great facts, click here

In the year 1637, Roger Williams founded the first Baptist Church in Rhode Island in the United States. Come the next 200 years and over, the religious awakening took place. With people feeling freer to join the religion, the Church then gained a following. Gone were the days where people had to belong to the same church that they were born into because they can now choose which religion they must go for. For more useful reference, have a peek on this link here.

In the beginnings of the Baptist Church, the faith was divided into two. They were called the General Baptists and the Particular Baptists. According to the General Baptists, anyone could gain claim of the Atonement of Jesus Christ if his ways were followed and they were baptized. For the Particular Baptists, however, only a select group of followers that have been chosen can benefit from the Atonement. Out of the two, the latter group is stricter than the former.

Today, though, the Baptist Church is comprised of a good number of divisions. With the belief of the Baptists that every person has the power in them to choose and believe what they think is right, there is division of the church. In short, if they are presented with a doctrine or idea, it is all up to them if they must follow it or just leave it be. So, for each congregation of the Baptist Church, they get to decide what must be taught and preached there. Unlike other Protestant religions and the Catholic Church, you cannot find any hierarchy in the Baptist Church. Please view this site for further details.

In the present, there are five main divisions in the Baptist Church. The Southern Baptist Conference is based in the southern part of the US and began when people in this area wanted to give justification to human slavery as a way of life. There is also the American Baptist Convention that is more liberal and much smaller as a group of Baptists. Meanwhile, the National Baptist Convention is made up of African Americans in the US. Finally, you have the International Baptists that are made of small congregation groups found all around the world while the Independent Baptists are for individuals who have not chosen to belong to any of the other groups. To know more about these churches in Burbank CA, check it out!


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